With clear lenses attached and temporarily powered by battery.
Below are the XeVision HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights I purchased from Duckworks Aviation. This is yet again an “aviation” upgrade that costs about 10 times as much as the basic 55W or 100W Halogen bulb and assembly. The two HID lights along with the housing and special Wig/Wag Flasher module run about $1,300.00 which seems rather expensive for lights but like many of my RV-10 choices I found a way to justify them.

I have flown into my home airport many times at night and it is comforting to know the place well enough that I could and have landed without any landing lights (broken filament). Unfortunately even with the standard dual 100W Halogen wing tip bulbs the centerline stripe on the runway can be obscured by shadow effect of the wing tip making it even harder to land gently. Furthermore, the light thrown off by Halogen bulbs meets my bare minimum for viewing on Approach, Runway, Taxi or Ground Operations. With the dual 35W HID bulbs each throwing off an amazing 320,000 candlepower white light I am told I can expect to be able to see markers on the far end of the runway (6,000” away). Placing them in the leading edge of the wing will prevent any shadow effect and allow me to angle them independently for maximum coverage.

Another reason I wanted premium lights is that I regularly fly into one of the busiest commercial air traffic places in the US; the Los Angeles Class B airspace. I am told that with the dual flashing (Wig/Wag) lights my plane may be seen as far as 20 miles away during daytime operations which seems like a lot till one calculates the closing speeds of an RV-10 and commercial jetliner. 5 miles = about ~30 seconds notice. 20 miles = ~2 minutes warning.

Even with all this I was sitting on the fence about this purchase until I saw a Pilatus PC-12 swoop into my home airport with its dual HID Wig/Wags a flashing. SOLD! Another reason I now don’t have to buy a Pilatus. See, the HID’s actually saved me $3.5 Million dollars.

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