After receiving $700.00 worth of Garmin WAAS GPS antennas it was time to mount them. I was surprised that one or both were not the standard tear drop GPS antenna but these are newer antenna. Both are WAAS capable and one includes the XM weather and music antenna. They may be state of the art but they are also UGLY. Ideally they would not be placed in the slipstream. While GPS antenna can be placed under fiberglass the plan is to coat this area with a metallic paint that has been known to interfere with reception. Because this plane is being designed for hard IFR no reception compromises are acceptable.
The above photo shows the antenna mounted from the underside of the canopy. You can see the outline where we are about to route a grove to flush mount the tinted Lexan shield. Below is the tinted shield in place.
Here is the underside of the GPS antenna with the GPS and XM coaxial cables that will be routed forward thru the center windscreen support post along with the Audio/Video cables that feed the drop down DVD player. Future service is thru the Overhead Console access door.
Completed installation. Clean and aerodynamic.

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